Wire straightening and cutting machine model no TQ1.6-6-4


Technical Data

Wire diameter : Φ1.6-Φ6 [mm]

Cutting length : 0.05-4 [m] ( Sensor switch for requested length and cut servo motor)

Accuracy of length : ±0.2 [mm]

Straightening speed : 10-180 [m/minute] (AC servo control by touch screen)

Straightening shaft speed : 500-10000 [rows/minute] (AC servo control by touch screen)

Cutting speed : 600 [times/minute]

Power supply : 380V 50Hz 13KVA

Total power consumption : 13 [kw/h]

Electric power consumption : 3-13 [kw/h]

Air requirement : No

Material :

– Low carbon wire: Φ1.6-Φ6 [mm]

– High carbon wire, Alloy steel ,High tensile strength steel:Φ1.6-Φ5 [mm]

Steel wire surface : Plain wire, Galvanized wire, Galfan wire, Stainless steel wire, Deformed bars

Steel wire wastage : No

Worker needed : 1

Working environment temperature : -30℃ – +40℃

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