Motion Control Integrated Sdn Bhd ensures fast repairs of the highest quality and precision – with short throughput times and comprehensive support in order to prevent unplanned downtimes and increase your productivity.

After Sales, Preventive and Maintenance Services
To achieve an enhanced machine operating time, increased productivity, prevention of unplanned downtimes and minimization of repair costs, we offer :

  • customer specific maintenance schedules
  • iregular maintenance of drives through systematic replacement of wearing parts
  • preventive inspection and maintenance
  • measurement of operating parameters, design and installation assistance

Servo System Refurbishment and Repair
We are able to provide repair solutions for a selection of main brand servo drives, devices and systems.

Contact us for your refurbishment or repair requirements.

Our extensive experience is translated into a wide range of software and hardware elements that form the building blocks for the development of your motion control solution.

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